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Property Maintenance

We Provide Property Maintenance  services to Residential and Commercial Property in the Perths Southern Suburbs and Peel Region.

If you are vacating or have a tenant whose has recently vacated and need some repairs done in a quick time frame, Give us a call.

Also able to assist with long term projects for house flipping or people considering putting house on the market and want some repairs done to increase the value.

We are able to provide the following services:- Painting, Plastering, Tiling, Roof Tile replacement, Patio Sheeting Repairs, Water Damage Repairs, Fencing repairs, Leaking Taps, Replace shower heads, Replace internal doors, HP Cleaning and Fixing locks are all basic things we do can every day.

General Construction

We are able to provide some Basic Construction to suit your needs.

Things such as  Installing a new Letterbox, Patio construction, Garden Sheds, Shade houses , Carports, Gazebos, Pool pump enclosures, Dog houses, Wall rendering, Retaining walls, Ground Drains, Soak wells, Paving and enclosing Patios.

We will discuss and advise you along the way to ensure that the project you want is what you are going to get. With the tools and knowledge on how to build and design exactly what you want.

With our Experience and quality Tools we will ensure you get the finish and product you want. We use quality suppliers and do the research to ensure everything goes as  as smoothly as possible.

Household Improvements

Doing Home improvements can be simple and easy, however we have found some people do get overwhelmed with some of the process.

We have the knowledge and experience to assist you with the work that is required, even if it is just to provide some information on how to complete a process or help with the prep work. Even if it is just to help finish off the final stages of the project.

We can assist with the design, or ideas on how the project, Even tell you where you might be able to source the required materials. I am happy to help you when ever i can for you to complete your project.

Garden Maintenance

General Garden Maintenance, With several years of experience in operating a lawn mowing business, We are able to assist with the general garden maintenance form Basic lawn mowing and garden pruning, Tenancy vacant, Pre and Post sale cleanup, Rental inspections and yard cleanups.

With the tools and equipment for general garden cleanup, tree pruning, irrigation repairs , irrigation controller programming, garden bed construction and lawn laying / repairs.

Also able to help with the cutting and removing of fallen trees from storm damage etc. This includes insurance jobs as well emergency repairs.


About Mellor Maintenance Services

We are professional property maintenance services

Mellor Maintenance Services is a family owned and operated professional property maintenance business, specialising in general household repairs. We have years of construction industry ranging from plastering, tiling, bricklaying and even cabinet making.

Been involved in numerous owner builder projects and house renovation have the knowledge and experience to be able to manage projects and co-ordinate between contractors.

We deal direct with Property Owners, so we are able to provident exact service that you request. Without having to deal with a middle person.

Why us?

We are experienced professional Property Maintenance Business, And provide professional results


And take great care to ensure we leave the premises in that same condition or better as when we started.


We have Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance to protect you and your property.

Professional Suppliers

We source our materials and knowledge from the Professional’s, not the internet or local hardware store clerk.

When most people buy their first home, they usually do not think about the need for maintenance. Perhaps they move in to a newly-built property and intend to live in it for many years. Many people believe that they can maintain their own property and do not entertain the idea of having professional property maintenance Perth-based services. However, over the years circumstances change; perhaps a move is required and decisions have to be made about the property; children arrive and the family needs more space, or children grow up, leave and the property is now too big.

Rent it out? Sell it? Those choices might be a little drastic, especially if the owners have come to love their property. Is there an alternative? Certainly! Mellor Maintenance Services for all your property maintenance Perth. Whatever type of property you own, professional property maintenance will ensure that your home, or workplace, is perfectly managed and properly and safely maintained so that it does not lose its market value because of poor maintenance and neglect.

If you are moving out of your property for a set period of time, hiring a property maintenance firm to take care of your building, gardens and so on, makes a lot of sense.


Professional property maintenance services can be for a large project or for much smaller jobs, such as cleaning your property after you or your tenants move out, or a post-storm clean up, or even removal.

Apart from the services mentioned above, here is a guide to what property maintenance services Perth can consist of: –

  • one-off storm clean-up;
  • painting and decorating;
  • carpentry;
  • power washing – ideal to clean up patios and barbecue areas;
  • replacing dry-stone walls;
  • repairs to façades and fascias;
  • plumbing;
  • removal of graffiti;
  • unblocking drains and guttering;
  • installing and servicing air-conditioning systems;
  • gardening services;
  • gazebo, garden shed and patio installing services;
  • wall and floor tiling;
  • handyman services;
  • house painting.

No job is too small or too large for Mellor Maintenance Services, specialists in maintenance jobs Perth. If the job you need doing is not listed above, check out our “Services Available” web-page or get in touch with us on our “Contact Us” page at Mellor Maintenance Services.

Many people do their own home maintenance, but there comes a time when, for one reason or another, it is no longer feasible to do it. Mellor Maintenance Services, the professionals in home maintenance Perth, can help when the DIY jobs become a chore. If you are young and fit, then you can easily do your own repairs in your home. However, as people get older, they find that they are less spritely than before, and look forward less to working on their homes. That is the perfect time to call Mellor Maintenance Services.

Professional services for home maintenance may not be as expensive as you may imagine. Get written quotations from Mellor Maintenance Services and be pleasantly surprised at how reasonable are our rates: a small price to pay for peace of mind and to have the confidence that your property is in good hands. If you are shopping around for maintenance services, please do remember that the cheapest option might work out to be the most expensive in the end, especially if you have to hire another company to repair any damage done by another firm. Cheap is not usually best, Mellor Maintenance Services always is !!!

Have a look on our website, read some of our exceptional customer reviews and view some of the projects we have completed in your area. Also have a read of our “About Us” web-page and find out just what a great guy is the owner, Paul Mellor.

When you hire Mellor Maintenance Services, you will have a great weight taken off your shoulders. All staff have been trained to do their jobs and hold the appropriate government-recognised certifications.

Mellor Maintenance Services will take care of all maintenance and repairs, which will mean that you have more time to concentrate on other things. Contact us, explain the problem and we will prepare a quotation for the work involved, usually after a visit to the site. The services we provide are a very cost-effective way of having your property maintained.

Once the contract is signed there is an agreed fee, which is payable each month for the firm’s services, and the company’s friendly and helpful owner, Paul, will be your point of contact if you want to know what is happening on, and to, your property. Mellor Maintenance Services are fully equipped with all tools and equipment needed for any job, big or small, home or industrial.

If you are looking for a firm to carry out your building maintenance, you should know what building maintenance companies can do for your property. Reputable companies supplying building maintenance are usually responsible for maintaining both the interior and exterior of buildings. Their responsibilities include, but are not always limited to:

  • ensuring that natural gas and electricity fixtures and fittings are in perfect working order, and that the services are provided to your property;
  • making sure that all walls, floors and ceilings are well-maintained;
  • painting and decorating both interiors and exteriors:
  • making sure that signs are in the appropriate places and are easily seen and readable;
  • checking locks, doors and hardware keys for all door-mounted locking devices;
  • making sure that all painting and carpet or flooring is replaced as necessary;
  • checking (and repairing, where necessary) that all roofs, exterior walls, windows and bricks etc. are not broken or dangerous.

Perhaps your home is in dire need of a make-over: check out what Mellor Maintenance Services in Perth offer. We deal with all types of maintenance in and outside the home. Our services are specifically tailored to your needs, so you can have the best service that you require. We will do all the maintenance work your home requires and leave you to concentrate on your work. You are free to pursue your interests and not tied to the tedium of doing repairs to your home. It is so much easier to leave maintenance work to the professionals. We have all the tools and equipment needed to do a thoroughly professional job, so you will not have to pay for your own equipment.

You can expect a company that specialises in home maintenance to do the following tasks as standard: –

  • cleaning the inside of your building
  • tidying up the garden and removing leaves and other debris, etc.
  • painting
  • carpet cleaning
  • general maintenance inside your home and in the garden
  • tile and grouting cleaning
  • water blasting services
  • checking for problems with electricity, water, etc.

If you need other services, have a chat with Paul and he will identify the most critical areas and design a maintenance plan that is perfectly tailored to your specific requirements.

Mellor Maintenance Services will always provide you with an accurate quotation that contains no hidden charges and a detailed contract before any work commences. Most firms dealing with property maintenance Perth WA will work on your property on days that are convenient for you and Mellor Maintenance Services are no different. Just tell us the good times and the bad times and we will work as required, while causing you as little disruption as possible. And we always clean up at the end of each day’s work.

When you have your property cleaned and repaired, it adds value to it. Of course, that may not concern you at the moment, but should you decide to sell it at a later date, you will appreciate that the money you spent on home maintenance services will prove to be a good investment.

All employees and operations at Mellor Maintenance Services are covered by Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance. If some of the work done is in a public place, for example on the street or overhanging it, then the firm you contract to do the work for you should have Public Liability Insurance. Ask about this when you get a quotation for the work. If an accident occurs on your property, you need to be fully insured. Building maintenance work, when carried out at heights (roof repairs and so on), can result in serious injury and even death. The last thing you need is to be uninsured if a claim is made against you.

Ask to see the necessary insurance documents before the work is started. All Mellor Maintenance Services electricians and plumbers working on your property are fully licensed or licensed tradesmen. If your building maintenance services Perth needs to use an elevated platform to carry out work on your property, you will need to check that the person operating it has a valid Yellow Card which specifies that he, or she, is qualified to operate one. You can check out qualifications for using elevated work platforms on the Elevating Work Platform Association of Australia (EWPA) website here.

Perhaps your home or office needs to be refitted or refurbished. Most building maintenance service firms offer these services. There is no job too big or too small for Mellor Maintenance Services. Small jobs can include:

  • minor repairs
  • handyman services
  • pre-sale or auction services
  • pergola or gazebo construction
  • carpentry
  • Trade Licence advice.

Larger jobs include, but are not limited to: –

  • major repairs, inside and outside
  • complete refurbishments and upgrades
  • complete home renovations
  • installation of underfloor heating and
  • renovation work for bathrooms
  • complete new roof

At Mellor Maintenance Services we pride ourselves on our meticulous work. No job is too big or small for us to undertake. You are in safe hands when you hire our family-run firm to do your building maintenance work in Perth. We offer competitive prices and do not have any extras hidden when we give quotes.

Visit our website or give us a call to find out what we can do for you. We are sure that you will be pleased with our professional service and our outstanding attention to detail.

Why not contact us now and ask for a free, no-obligation quote. Of course, for some jobs we will need to see your property, to discover exactly what work is required. We will arrange to do this at a time convenient to you. So do not delay, call us today.


Have you got a list of things that need to be finished around your place, or a few task that you don’t have the tool or knowledge to complete? Call Us Now

Our Suppliers

We use professional suppliers on all our jobs.

There is a difference between a weekend handyman and a professional property maintenance, That tends to be this is my business and full time employment so why reputation is how i build and gather further work.

A weekend handyman (such as some of the those others whom only do it after hours or on weekends) might have some knowledge but if the job get to hard they walk away from it or the finish is poor, And then you have to get in a professional such as myself to fix or finish the project, and normally at a higher cost.

Not saying all airtasker or gumtree handyman are poor, hey i advertise on both but i also do this with my insurance and with Quality Tools. As well as being a register business, we use quality suppliers and equipment from around the local area and when required from around australia.

Here is some of the Suppliers and Equipment we use.


Solquest Way, Cooloongup, Western Australia, 6168


Mobile:-   +61 4 1617 4112

Office:-     +61 8 6166 6363

Freecall:- 1300 03 55 68